Thuyen Ton Pagoda

chua thuyen ton

Thuyen Ton  Pagoda is a big one in Hue and also the original centre of Lieu  Quan school (a branch of Lam Te zen school). The great Lieu Quan came from the Cau River (Phu Khanh), then moved to Thuan Hoa at the end of the XVIIth and studied with many chinese  hight-rank monks. In 1708,the great Lieu Quan established here a small pagoda to lead his Buddhistic life. In 1746 – 1747, Dan Viet Chuong, Eunuch Mai Van Hoa – his religious  mane was temple y  Trung Tu – built the tower, recasted the bell, offered the pagoda rice files so that Thuyen Ton  became big and magnificent… During the war at the atthe end of the XVIIIth century, buddhist Le Thi Ta it renovated the second time and redeemed the rice land for the pagoda. In 1937, the pagoda completed renovation, using reiforced concrete but assuring the splendid and mangnificent architecture of the old pagoda.

Thuyen Ton Pagoda now belongs to Ngu  Tay village, Thuy An Commune. The pagoda is located on a high hill, on the right  is Thien Thai Mount so that it was called in the old time Thien Thai Thuyen Ton Tu or Thien Thai Noi tu. If you want to visit the pagoda just pass Nam Giao esplanade, follow the path to the city cemetery acrooss the bridge over thechannel of the Perfume River hydraulic work; take a right turn and  go on about 2.5km. The Pagoda stands there.

The pagoda gate has four big pillars, besides is a Bodhi tree with thick and verdan foliage perennially. The pagoda  yard is big with various kinds  of ornamental trees. In the middle of the yard stands the statue of the Goddess of mercy. The pagoda was originally built  in the form of character “Khau” but has been damaged gradually with time and the second house has collapsed.

On the edge of the mountain southeast of the pagoda is the stupa of the great Lieu Quan – the pagoda’s founder. The stupa has an unique architecture. Seven characters were written on the  front of the gate: Dam Hoa Lac Khu Huu Du Huong” which means “though he had passed away his morality has still been handed down like a faded Uu Dam flower”. Behind the pagoda is a tower  with a new and mangnificient architecture belonging to the second great venerable Thich Giac  Nhien, the late former head monk of Thuyen Ton Pagoda.These two towers in terms of esthetic architecture are considered the most beautiful ones in Hue.  Together with Thuyen Ton pagoda , they create an architectural assemblage which is beautiful and attactive to tourists.

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