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Hoi An is a charming, peaceful city by the Thu Bon river. This town was a really properous trading port in the 16th and the 17th centuries with lots of foreign traders from many countries who came to exchange merchant products and settled for themselves each community in the old town. This city is a traditional port city and the first of this kind in Southeast Asia. Hoi An is just small city, covering an area of around 2 square kilometers. This city is set up to be a typical trading town in Europe in the old times with many cross roads.

Although the city has undergone many years and centuries but Hoi An still preserves lots of ancient relics such as towns, houses, assembly halls, pagodas, temples, ancient wells and graves. Besides, the architecture in Hoi An strongly features domestic influences while it has a mixture of Western and Oriental architectures. Through many generations, Hoi An people have still preserved some customs and habits as well as cultural activities, beliefs  and passed down to the next generations.

Therefore, Hoi An has a pleasant environment, lovely setting old town with many urban and handicraft villages such as carpentry, pottery and vegetables villages… Hoi An is definitely a must-see spot in the map of Vietnam.



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Hoi An Old Town is a one-of-a-kind destination with stunning landscape. The colorful streets of Hoi An are lined with stunning ancient buildings, designer boutiques, and art galleries all waiting to be seen and photographed. Because of the wonderful coffee culture, there is a delicious coffee shop around every corner of town. Besides, the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge, which is one of Asia’s most photographed bridges, is always on the list of things to do in Hoi An.

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As you know, 60 km away from Hoi An is My Son Sanctuary that was listed as the World Cultural Heritage. Hence, this collection of Hindu temples dating from the fourth to the thirteenth centuries and largely abandoned in the previous millennium. But it’s incredibly well preserved, with almost 140 hectares (346 acres) of ruins attesting to Hinduism’s influence on early Vietnamese culture. You can take a private tour or hire a car and driver from Hoi An to visit this stunning site and find out more of Champa culture, but you should get there early to escape the crowd and the heat.

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One of great things to do in Hoi An is to join a cooking class in Hoi An town. It must be a unique experience for you when coming here. Foodies and cooks will be amazed at abundance of culinary classes available throughout town: full-day, half-day, and even one- or two-hour nighttime classes are all available, and some even include boat rides and tours of a local market. You may learn to prepare everything from grilled fish in banana leaves to Cao Lau (a Hoi An’s specialty) or Pho (beef noodle).

Or you can you’ll board a traditional Vietnamese round boat and travel down the river, surrounded by nipa palm trees (mangrove palms).Thus, you learn how to make spring rolls, pancake, fish in claypot and have a lovely lunch by the river.


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As we are concerned, Hoi An is the cradle of tailoring in Vietnam. Around Hoi An town, there are roughly 300 tailors from rags to riches for your choice. So, it must be an enjoyable moment for you to get a suit or dress made in Hoi An. They are so affordable and long lasting materials so you can make it a choice.


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Another top things to do in Hoi An is to learn how to make a lantern. You can book your class at one of the lantern shops in town.

First, they will show you how to choose the lantern shape and then tie bamboo sticks together. Next, you will bend bamboo sticks and then attach them to the lantern. Then use glue to stick cloth to the frame and finally you can open up the lantern.

For this lovely lantern, you can buy a small light to put inside, so when you hang up in the house, it will have a nice color.


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The other activity that you should not miss when travelling to Hoi An is to visit organic Tra Que Vegetables village.

Upon coming here, you can visit one of Hoi An’s lovely villages to learn about the daily lives of farmers. Hence, farmers employ seaweed found solely in the village’s lagoon instead of manure or fertilizer, and they grow over 20 different vegetables. Despite its modest size, this magnificent community provides organic vegetables to all of Hoi An and the surrounding areas.

Many people will enjoy a leisurely bike ride or a pleasant walk around the region, which is only three kilometers from Hoi An’s center. You can participate in agricultural activities, a culinary class, and a foot massage with therapeutic herbs in addition to visiting the area.

Therefore, Tra Que Vegetable Village is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sites and one of things to do in Hoi An.

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As far as we know, Hoi An is the paradise for street food in Vietnam. Thus, there are so many food dishes that you can try while you are here. So, Hoi An is the tastiest stop in all of Vietnam, with everything from street food booths to five-star restaurants.

Hoi An also boasts a number of unique specialty meals that are unavailable anyplace else in the globe. Continue scrolling to see the must-try meals in Hoi An and where to locate them in the food section. You won’t want to miss out on any of their delectable gourmet dishes: Cao Lau, Chicken rice, Banh My Phuong, Wonton, Pho…All make Hoi An a true place for food lovers.


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To escape the heat and humidity in Hoi An in summertime, why you won’t try going to An Bang Beach.

An Bang is a four kilometer long tree-lined beach with white sand, palapas, sun loungers, and restaurants located about four kilometers from the city center. It’s the ideal spot to go whether you want to relax or get in the water because it’s pretty unspoilt by developments. Restaurants rent lounge chairs for 15,000–40,000 VND per day, or you can get them for free if you buy something. Closeby are the Marble Mountains, Da Nang Bay, and Da Nang city and Cham Islands are all visible from An Bang Beach.


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In your free time, let’s hop on a bike and touring around Hoi An’s countryside. It is one of great things to do with your friends. Crossing an iron bridge of An Hoi, you will reach Cam Kim islet where the nature is unspoilt by the developments. Here, you can see the daily life of people and visit some of traditional crafts like wood carving factory, mat weaving family business, rice noodle making or rice wine cooking. All gives you a good impression on how hard the life of the people is.

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If you prefer to do a basket boat tour, Cam Thanh Nipa Palm Forest is your choice. Thus, the tranquility of the Nipa Palms will stay with you forever, and the travel is part of what makes it worthwhile. As you sail around the tranquil rivers in a traditional bamboo basket boat, kayak, or paddleboard, you will be surrounded by large palms and lush flora.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the lake and trees rustling in the breeze, and keep an eye out for wildlife, fishermen, and motorboats making their way back to shore. It’s the ideal spot to unwind and recharge, whether you stay for an hour or the entire day.

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Many people say Hoi An is the best at night. They are right. Around 4 p.m till 10 p.m, Hoi An is gradually packed with tourists local people. They go to town at the nicest time of the day to watch boat carrying people passing bay or just stroll on their own watching sunset on Hoai river. So, it would be nice if you rent a small sampan sailing along Hoi An river and watch the scene like in a movie. It must be one of amazing things to do in Hoi An.


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Lastly, one of the best things to do in Hoi An is to join Hoi An Memories Show. Hence, this performance art in the real world Hoi An Memories is a new art product in Vietnam. Accordingly, this performance that combines culture, art, nature, and people in a flexible and harmonious manner. So, there is a huge number of individuals in a small area and every component, including the budget, performers, sound, lighting, and effects, is carefully considered. Thus, the reality program aims to transport you to another world, recreating an old Hoi An with traditional beauty and a modern twist.


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