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Peaceful town of Hoi An

Unlike the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An Old Town appears to be untouched by the country’s rapid expansion, retaining its old charm from its roads to its architectural works. Hoi An old town, located 30 kilometers south of Da Nang, is a fantastic site to get up up and personal with the real Vietnam, its people, and its history. A beautiful blend of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese architecture that you can see here. In order to help you explore Hoi An and its surrounding areas, Premium Travel Vietnam provides you with different amazing Tours in Hoi An.


My Son Half Day Tour:

While you are thinking what are the best Hoi An Tours to do, then you must think of My Son Sanctuary Tour from Hoi An. Therefore, My Son Sanctuary is the best site to go if you want to learn about the region’s distant history. Hence, the ancient remains of My Son belong to the Champa empire, which dominated the region of Vietnam from the 4th to the 14th century and are one of the most popular day tours from Hoi An. Despite being abandoned for centuries, this valley still contains over 70 Hindu temples and graves, earning My Son a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list. While the ruins are overgrown and worn, some sculptures and Hindu figures may still be seen.

As you come here, you can find out how the Cham people in central Vietnam built such nice temples back to thousand years ago with very simple building techniques. Also, you take a chance to admire the tranquil forest, chirping sound of birb or watch the Cham dance show to know about Cham civilization.

tours in hoi an

My Son Sanctuary

Hoi An City Tour:

Hoi An is a magical place so you can get ready for Hoi An city tour to explore its culture, history, and local lifestyle.

Then, we will take you right into the heart of Hoi An and then stroll around this lovely city and grab some of the city’s main landmarks like Quan Cong Temple, Japanese Covered Bridge, Assembly Hall Of Fujian Chinese, and Tan Ky Ancient House. The best part of any city tour is definitely the unique stories. We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you to help you understand more of Hoi An culture and history. Visiting some of well – preserved ancient relics in this town, It seems to remind you of the panoramic picture of Hoi An back to the old days in its bustling heyday.

Hoi An Cooking Class and Make Lantern:

As you know, Vietnamese food is probably one of the best in the world, and Hoi An, in particular, is known for its vibrant tastes. Cooking classes are incredibly popular as a result of this, and there are numerous options to select from. Cooking sessions are normally 3 to 5 hours long. If you want to know about Hoi An Cuisine, let’s join a cooking class in this town, this is an interesting part in tours in Hoi An you can do. Thus, you can make some of Vietnamese typical dishes such as Vietnamese pancake, Spring rolls, Fish in clay pot. There are dozens of cooking places that you can choose: from fancy cooking spot like Red Bridge Cooking school or small places of Miss Vy cooking show or some of local restaurants in downtown where you can have a booking.

tours in hoi an

Yummy Hoi An Food

Next, you can learn how to make a cute lantern to have one of Best Tours in Hoi An. Join a Lantern Making Class and give an oriental ornament a personal touch. When placed in front of your home, the Vietnamese think it will bring good fortune and happiness. These lanterns, which are typical of Hoi An’s ancient town, can transport you to the picturesque streets of the old city in a flash.

Hoi An Full Moon Tour:

This is special event in Hoi An that you can do for tours in Hoi An. Therefore, this event takes place on the 14th day of each lunar month. The festival’s festivities are centered on the Hoai River’s Japanese Bridge and Cau An Hoi Bridge. Although the festivities begin at 8 p.m, most people arrive early to eat dinner in the ancient town before the festivities begin.

All of the buildings in Hoi An’s Old Quarter begin to turn off their electric lights at 8 p.m. Only the soft glow of silk and paper lanterns illuminates the space, creating a lovely ambiance.

During the lantern festival, Hoi An’s ancient town becomes completely pedestrianized, with automobiles and motorcycles outlawed, allowing visitors to stroll through the cobblestone streets and hear traditional musical performances by locals.

Hoi An Farming and Fishing Tour:

tours in hoi an

Fishing day on Hoi An river

This Hoi An Farming and Fishing Tour is a must do experience and best Hoi An Tours to join as well. Because you will experience farmers in Hoi An as well as being a fisherman on river, learn how to ride water buffalo, plow the rice field, thresh rice into flour, make cake from that.

Next, you can use fishing nets to get in touch with local fishing life, riding amusing basket boats, visiting a water palm coconut paradise, and learning about the Vietnamese people’s history are all fantastic things to do. The Farming and Fishing Eco trip is a rare and unique tour dedicated to giving you with a unique cultural insight into Vietnamese culture.

Boat Trip on Thu Bon River:

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Boat Trip on Thu Bon River

A trip on the Thu Bon River allows you to relax and enjoy the lovely surrounding countryside while also witnessing rural life on the river. The Thu Bon River is at its best when there are human activities of daily life, which form a vibrant patchwork of lyrical landscape and local people fishing.

Joining in one of this Hoi An Tours, you will have an opportunity to visit some of old traditional handicrafted villages: Carpentry villgage where you see wood carving.

You’ve probably seen elegant Vietnamese pottery at markets around the country by now. Pottery isn’t simply an art form in Vietnam; it’s a well-known way of life. The Thanh Ha Ceramics Village is known for its one-of-a-kind pottery. Let’s join this Boat Trip on Thu Bon river to reach Thanh Ha Pottery village and learn all from that. It’s all handcrafted from terracotta clay mined from nearby riverbeds and skilled hands of the locals.

The Thanh Ha Pottery Village, located less than a mile from the Old Town, is a terrific activity for anyone searching for a more real hands-on experience in Vietnam or simply to get away from Hoi An’s congested marketplaces.

Day Trip to Cham Islands:

tours in hoi an

Beautiful Cham islands

Because Hoi An is a beach town, why not get some ideas for day trips from the sea? The Cham Islands are a group of eight small islands located off the coast of Hoi An that offer everything you would expect from an island vacation. Small fishing communities and magnificent sand beaches can be found on land. The Cham Islands’ greatest allure is found in the ocean, where the islands are known for their snorkeling and diving. The islands are part of the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park, which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, and have a coral reef and varied marine life. It’s one of the best Day Trips Hoi An to do some because Cham island has something unique to offer.

Street Food Tour Hoi An:

Booking one of these tours in Hoi An, you have a great chance to know about Hoi An Local Foods. It is not just the food tour but you want to know Hoi An Food Culture. Then we will take you to try some of best local foods at real hot spots where locals usually come to eat.

So, do not miss out typical Hoi An Food such as Banh My. Thus, through the introduction of the baguette, French colonial influences have left their imprint in Vietnam. The Banh Mi sandwich filled with meats, coriander, cucumber, pathé or cheese, chili, and mayonnaise is now a traditional Vietnamese dish. Besides, you can try Cao Lau: the most famous and the most mysterious dish in Hoi An.

tours in hoi an

Banh My Phuong – a must try in Hoi An

So, unlike other Vietnamese noodle dishes such as Pho or Bun, Cao Lau is served with very little broth, more like a sauce to sprinkle on top. Soft yellow noodles, smokey pork, crisp greens, crispy croutons, savory sauce, and cool bean sprouts; it may sound like an unusual medley, but it tastes with fantastic homegrown sensations. In addition, in this tours in Hoi An, you also can try My Quang or Quang Noodle, Hoanh Thanh which means white rose as well as Chicken rice and some sweet deserts.

Hoi An Cycling Tour:

As you know, Hoi An is far more interesting to go on bikes exploring some of its hidden parts, so let’s hop on our bikes and we do one of the best tours in Hoi An, showing you around from the Jade green rice paddy fields to the village temple. As you cycling, you seem to get away from busy bustling street in Hoi An and you’ll be surprised by how much more you can see when you go by bicycle.

Thus, Hoi An is a city of historical gems and natural beauty, with a riverside old town that leads towards dreamy villages, revealing a rustic way of life. This Hoi An Cycling Tour will lead you pass by the unmissable ancient tombs of Japanese merchants and a nice sight of lotus flowers blooming from mud. Hence, you’ll get off the tourist trail and explore the rustic charm of Hoi An’s rural scenery.

tours in hoi an

Rustic vegetables village – Hoi An

Follow our Hoi An Cycling Tour to a vegetable village that showcases the cultivation and use of herbs. Then we continue to cycle through muddy village lane and cross the river to visit some of traditional jobs by the locals.

Here, you will find out how the locals make rice noodle, weave sleeping mats, cooking rice wine making and how the local artisans carve the wood with skillful hands. This is one of the Best Hoi An Tours.

Reaching out Tea House:

This lovely tea business, run by men and women with hearing and speech disabilities, is a must-see and one of tours in Hoi An you can think about. Here, silence is respected, and orders and communication are all done through the use of speech cubes and body language. It’s a wonderfully serene environment. Not only are the tea, coffee, and cookies delicious, but it’s also a brilliant way to put tourism to good use.


Next to above mentioned tours listed, if you ever come to Hoi An and look for Hoi An Day Trips, you can select some of the tours below:

Ba Na Hills:

tours in hoi an

Golden Hands Bridge – Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills: Ba Na Hills amusement park is the perfect day trip from Hoi An and a great way to spend the day with family and friends. Upon coming here, you are walking in the clouds across the Golden Bridge, riding one of the world’s longest cable car rides, admiring a giant 27-meter Buddha statue. Or you can stroll through the cobblestone streets of a massive French medieval style replica town, and finding your inner child inside a 21,000 square meter indoor Fantasy Park.

Whether your idea of fun is sipping a glass of Bordeaux or seeking an adrenaline rush on a 29-meter tower drop, Ba Na Hills has something for everyone and is the ideal destination for Hoi An Day Trips.

Marble Mountains:

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Marble Mountains Da Nang

Water, wood, fire, metal, and earth are the five elements that each mountain is named after. However, the biggest one, Thuy Son (water), is the only one that welcomes visitors. A trip to the top of the mountain also provides breathtaking views over Da Nang, Non Nuoc Beach, and the Marble Mountains in the distance.

If you enjoy cultural heritage, you won’t want to miss out on the richness of history and spiritual serenity here. Climbing up or repelling down into a few of caverns is also an option for the daring. The majority of the caves will be difficult to reach for people with limited mobility and small children. However, they can still appreciate the distinctive atmosphere, the majority of the temples, and some spectacular views.

Tam Thanh Mural village:


Tam Thanh Mural Village

In June 2006, Vietnamese and South Korean painters arrived to paint colorful murals on over 100 inhabitants’ homes, inspired by Korean mural villages. The goal was to encourage “art for a better community” while simultaneously boosting tourism in the area. The murals inexorably brought this ailing community back to life, and it became a major tourist attraction as a result. So, if you want to do one of tours in Hoi An about Fishing village, let’s go to Tam Thanh for a deeper fishing culture.


tours in hoi an

Basket boat tour in Hoi An

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Tour inclusion Tour exclusion
– Private car with air con

– Experienced driver

– English speaking guide

– Entrance ticket

– Lunch (optional)

– Cold water and wet tissue


– Travel insurance– Other expenses

– Soft drinks and beverages

– Tips and gratuities

Things to bring Travel tip
-Fully charged camera; Sun cream; sport shoes; Caps/hats; Sun glasses; Insect spray; In months of October, November, December, January, February; it normally rains in Hoi An city, let’s bring rain coats with you. For the rest of the year, it is usually hot and humid.



Basket boat tour in Hoi An

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