As we know, Hoi An is a well-know tourist spot in Vietnam. Thus, this town is considered as little VENICE of Vietnam thanks to its old houses, assembly halls, temples…So, tradition is still very much alive in the old town, Hoi An is thus considered as a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle. Most traditional houses here are the combination of different architectures from different cultures such as Chinese, Japanese, French and of course Vietnamese style. In addition, Hoi An is a place for travelers to explore its hidden gems, traditional family businesses, and old-fashioned handicrafts. So as to help you to explore those gems by Vespa, Premium Travel Vietnam (PTV) organizes Hoian Vespa Tour.



Unique Experience

Taking part in Hoian Vespa Tour, Premium Travel Vietnam offers a great chance for you to enjoy the-first-of-its-kind adventure on this unique experience. Thus, you will be on the special type of vehicle bring you a fun trip seeing Hoi An by your real eyes.

Explore Hidden Parts of Hoi An Culture

Other means of transport does not help you to see more some hidden parts in Hoi An city which is famous for its rich culture. Hence, you will grab your opportunity to witness the stunning countryside of Hoi An, visiting some of old aged crafts, discovering more Hoi An’s unique culture.

Local Life Experience

Catching on this tour with us, you will not only visit the traditional villages in Hoi An but you also take part in doing some jobs by yourself. So, you will integrate into the local culture and customs. You will know the real life of Hoi An people who is friendly, warm hearted and listen to their stories to get a deep insight into their life. For instance, you will learn how to make rice noodles or participate in weaving sleeping mats by hands.



In the morning, we will start off the funny day of Hoian Vespa Tour by riding over steel bridge to reach Cam Kim island – a remote, peaceful rural countryside of Hoian.

On arrival, take a stroll around a small family rice noodle making business and see how the locals live with many generations living in the same family. Next, the land lord will show you some of traditional rice husking methods passed down from previous generations. Then the guide will show you different steps in making rice flour mixture. After that, you can sit down and do it by yourself. You will have a memorable experience with the family.


Continue our Hoian Vespa Tour, jumping on our Vespa, we are heading to another mat weaving family business for living. Hence, you are welcomed by them with big smile and then the owner will tell you how to weave the sleeping mats in traditional ways. Of course, you can learn how to do it yourself. Taking pictures with the owner and share the feeling with their hard daily life.

To be on going with our Half Day Hoi An Vespa Tour, we then pass by a shipyard factory and witness the skillful hands of local artisans of Kim Bong carpentry village in making such beautiful art wood products.

Our Hoi An Vespa Adventure moves on by a visit to Tra Que vegetable village where the scenery is stretching in your eyes. Reaching here, all tiredness seems to go away as you only see the green color of plants. From bok choy, spinach, corriander, lettuce, pumpkins of all kinds. Especially, the local farmers here only use organic and seaweed for their daily care.

A walking round in this village will give you more about the local farming life of Hoi An people. Since then, you can have an in depth understanding of Vietnamese culture.

Our next activity is to have a Water Buffalo Ride in the water. Thus, this experience gives you a lot more about special animal in Vietnam.


In order to end our Hoian Vespa Tour, we are then heading to a historic fishing village in Hoian city – Cam Thanh water coconut village.

Reaching here, you can feel cool wind of the sea and the river reminding you of hard days time fighting by the local residents to protect the village. Sitting for a while, the local guy is happy to tell you about the Vietnam war and what happened to the people here.

Next, you jump on small basket boat, sailing inside the water coconut jungle and have a big fun with local people. Some of the activities are: rowing basket boat, learn how to catch little crabs, basket boat race and watch the fishermen fishing on the river. You will have such an forgettable memory here. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant with special Vietnamese food.


Finally, we ride you back and drop you off in your hotel. And our Hoian Vespa Tour is coming to an end here.


Participating with PTV in this Hoi An Vespa Adventures, we will assist you to explore all unique culture of Hoi An rural areas.Visiting some of local families help you out to know more of traditional jobs that Hoi An people still greatly keep the family traditions. Hence, you got a chance to see rice noodle making, mat weaving, shipyard building,wood carving, rice wine making. Besides,  come to Tra Que Village to learn how to grow vegetables, a round of walking and find different herbs in Vietnam. Finally, proceed to Cam Thanh Village to experience basket boat ride, knowing the history of the area as well as the fishing life of the local residents. This Vespa Tour Hoi An is fun, awesome and lots of memorable experiences.




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  • Classic Vespa
  • Experienced driver
  • English Speaking Tour guide
  • All entrance tickets
  • Cold water and wet tissues


  • Beverages and other meals do not mention in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Tipping/ Gratuities

Cancellation Policy

  • Prior more than 7 days: 10% of total rates.
  • Prior from 4 to 7 days: 50% of total rates.
  • Prior less than 3 days: 100% of total rates.
  • No-Show: 100% of total rates.

Children Policy

  • Child under 5 years old: FREE of charge
  • Child from 6 to 10 years old: 50% charge
  • Child from 11 years old and above: 100% adult rate



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for a Hoi An Vespa Adventures?


Question (Q): What is a Hoi An Vespa tour?

Answer (A): A Hoi An Vespa Tour is a guided excursion through the picturesque town of Hoi An in Vietnam, where you ride on a vintage Vespa scooter to explore the local culture, cuisine, and attractions.

Q: What can I expect to see and do on a Hoi An Vespa tour?

A: On a Vespa Tour in Hoi An, you can expect to visit local markets, traditional villages, and enjoy amazing Vietnamese countryside. You’ll also experience the town’s old aged villages and interact with locals by doing jobs by yourself.

Q: Are Vespa Tours suitable for all ages and skill levels?

A: Vespa Tours in Hoi An are generally suitable for most ages, but it’s important to inquire about age and weight restrictions with Premium Travel Vietnam. As for skill levels, no previous Vespa riding experience is required. We will have a driver, and you’ll seat in the back of this scooter.

Q: How long does a typical Vespa tour in Hoi An last?

A: The duration of Vespa tours can vary, but our Hoi An Moped Tour lasts between 3 to 4 hours. Some of our tours offer both daytime and evening options, so you can choose the time that suits you best.

Q: Is it safe to ride on a Vespa in Hoi An?

A: Vespa tours in Hoi An are generally safe. Premium Travel Vietnam provide you with helmets, and experienced local drivers handle the scooters. It’s essential to follow safety guidelines, wear helmets, and listen to our guide’s instructions.

Q: Can I customize the Vespa tour to my preferences?

A: We, as the leading travel agency in Hoi An, offer customizable options, allowing you to tailor the tour to your interests. It’s best to discuss any special requests with our tour company in advance by email or whatsapp.

Q: Do I need to bring cash for the tour?

A: It’s a good idea to bring some cash for any your personal expenses or additional purchases, as not all places may accept credit cards. To be more convenient, you can convert your currency into local Vietnamese Dong in case you buy some things from vendors, stores or give some tips to the people.


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