Beauty of Paradise Cave – Phong Nha National Park

Duration: full day

Pick up point: your hotel

Starting time: 8:00 a.m

Finish time: 04:30 p.m

Highlights: Paradise cave – Phong Nha cave – Tien Son cave – boat trip – local life

Coming to Quang Binh province, it will be a huge miss if you don’t come to sightseeing Paradise Cave. From its name, it refers to a magnificient charm of one of the nicest caves in Phong Nha Park. Along with En Cave, Phong Nha Cave, Son Doong Cave…Paradise Cave partly colors the beauty of Phong Nha area, a new bright toursim destination in Quang Binh in particular and in Vietnam in general. To help you explore Phong Nha and Paradise Cave Full Day Tour, Premium Travel Vietnam organize Paradise Cave Tour.



Paradise Cave:


Amazing Paradise Cave – Phong Nha National Park

To begin our Paradise Cave Tour, in the morning, our tour guide and the driver will come to collect you from your hotel in Dong Hoi city or Phong Nha areas and then we directly transfer you to Paradise Cave. First, we will drive through Ho Chi Minh Trail which was famous in Vietnam war when Viet Cong used to transport weapons and resources for the battle in the south. Through stories of your guide, you will admire our strong will, great sacrifice and constant efforts in order to defend for our country.

So, Paradise Cave is 70km northwest of Dong Hoi city, about 4km from the edge of the west branch of Ho Chi Minh Trail in Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach district. This cave is listed by British Caving Association as the longest one in Asia with a total length of 31.4km. It owns one of the most spectacular and gorgeous charm across the globe.

As you know, this cave was discovered by a local man in 2005 and it drawn a lot of attention from domestic and international researchers and archeologists. They came to conclude that Paradise Cave is another royal underground palace, having a magical structure that goes beyond human imagination.

So upon coming to this cave, we then get transfer by golf cart and from the ground, we will walk up as many as 524 stairs to reach the cave entrance. From here, we will go down roughly 100m to explore the cave.

It is such a heavenly world on earth. Wherever you go, you will encounter such a magnificent scenery of the cave. The cave dome is at its height of 150m, the width is 30 to 40m in combination with amazing colorful stalagmites and stalactites. All makes you lost in a paradise.

Here and there, you will realize a diverse color of stalactites columns. This scene is more miraculous when the light shrines on their surfaces. In addition, you will find out some of scenes that relate to cultural beauty of Vietnam such as the collapsed ancient pillar, galaxy waterfall, communal house of ethnic group, floral tower. Furthermore, you also see some images of the animals such as lion, rabbit, dragon…

Entering Paradise cave will give you a special feeling. All fascinating and impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites are truly captivating every single traveler. They all make an endless charm of the cave that no else where can compare.

As soon as you finish the cave, we then go back down and return to our car. From here, our tour guide and driver will take you to a local restaurant for lunch.

Phong Nha Cave:

Vietnam Phong Nha Paradise Cave - Free photo on Pixabay

After lunch, we will continue our Paradise Cave Tour to Phong Nha Cave. Thus, we then hop on wooden boat sailing along the legendary Son river to come to the cave. On the way, your camera is ready to photograph some of best scenes of local life and daily activities of the local people. In some sunny days, you might even see the river bottom with blue emerald water.

Reaching the cave entrance, we then move inside and admire as well as sightseeing a part of the world’s longest underground river of Phong Nha Cave. All numerous scenes appear in front of you is like you are coming to a fairy land. You can admire some of mystical sceneries like Goddess of Mercy, Octopus, Lantern town, Lions…

Later on, on the way out, you will walk on sand dunes and capture many scenes of the mother nature that has blessed this area.

Tien Son Cave:


Tien Son Cave

In order to finish our Phong Nha and Paradise Cave Tour from Dong Hoi, we will walk up to pay a visit Tien Son cave. Hence, this cave is considered as the castle of the stalactites with countless blocks of stalactites in various colours. After 330 – stair walk-up, you can admire a mountainous scene of Vietnam countryside that neatly lies between Chay and Son rivers underneath. What a romantic landscape!

Inside Tien Son cave are thousands of stalactites bristling with illusory colors. This mystical beauty will provide you with an ecstatic joy.

Finally, after exploring this cave, we then head back out to take boat trip back to the parking area. From here, our driver will transfer you back to your hotel. Then, our Paradise Cave Tour  is coming to an end here. Premium Travel Vietnam wish you had the best time with us with lot of joy and fun.



Unmissable Paradise Cave Tour

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Tour inclusion Tour exclusion
– 4 – seat private car with air conditioning

– Experienced driver

– English speaking guide

– Entrance ticket

– Cold water and wet tissue

– Lunch


– Travel insurance

– Other expenses

– Soft drinks and beverages

– Tips and gratuities

Things to bring Travel tip

-Fully charged camera; Sun cream; Climbing shoes; Caps/hats; Sun glasses; Insect spray;


In months of October, November, December, January, February; it normally rains in Phong Nha Park, let’s bring rain coats/ cold jackets with you. For the rest of the year, it is usually cool and pleasant.



  • Paradise Cave Private Tour departs from Dong Hoi city only and is conducted in a nice weather condition. We will NOT organize the tour in case of bad weather.

Children policy

  • FOC for children under 5 years old
  • 50% charge for children from 6 to 12 years old
  • Full charge as adults for children over 12 years old



Eternal Beauty of Paradise Cave

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